• Rehearsal Schedule for Messiah:
  • Mondays, 7-9pm November14-December 12, in Great Hall at 1st Presbyterian Church.
  • Saturday, December 17, 9-11am, at Zion Lutheran Church for final rehearsal.
  • Sunday, December 18, Call time is 1:00 pm, Concert is at 2:00 pm at Zion

Tips for practicing Choral Music on your own:

Messiah on CyberBass
This very useful tool has all of the parts for the choruses. You can change the speed, and even create a loop of a section you want to listen to or rehearse over and over (great to learn those run patterns!)

Do keep in mind there may be some differences, I believe they used the G. Schirmer edition to make these tracks, so follow the rhythms for the Watkins-Shaw edition.

There are also learning tracks available on YouTube, simply search for the title and part.

Below is possible music for RiverChor’s Spring Concert.

Click the links to go to the YouTube Video for the song. Sometimes there are ads, if it really bothers you, there are numerous adblocking plugins for desktop, and browser apps for mobile.

“Auction Cries” by John Biggs (b.1932)

Parts tracks for Auction Cries

“Saul” by Egil Hovland (1924-2013)

Parts tracks for Saul
Soprano 1:
Soprano 2:
Alto 1:
Alto 2:
Tenor 1:
Tenor 2: