• Rehearsal Schedule:
  • Mondays through Dec 9.
  • Friday Dec 13, 7 pm, meet at CHS Commons.
  • Saturday, Dec 14 2 pm, meet at CHS Commons.
  • Show at 7:30 pm, CHS, call time is 6:30 as parking is tight.

Christmas Memories, Rosephayne Powell

This mp3 version is nicer than what is in the video playlist below
Playlist for CSO Holiday Pops

Click the three bars above 1/7 in the top right to see the full list and skip to whatever song you want to work on.

Christmas Festival is w/o choir, but has Brian Dollinger directing, which is more helpful for tempos, especially at the end when he goes into 1.

If the embedded Playlist above won’t work for you, click here to go to the list directly on YouTube.

Here’s a link for CyberBass for rehearsing Messiah. Click the chorus/part you want, it will then load in the white bar. You can slow down the parts if you need to in the control panel under the white bar.