For Karl 

If one of the black bar parts doesn’t play for you, try reloading this page a couple of times….especially on mobile, they don’t all seem to load the first time.
The Pasture:
The Pasture – Soprano 1 & 2 The Pasture – Alto
The Pasture – Tenor
The Pasture – Bass
Stomp Your Foot:
Parts for Stomp Your Foot:

These will open in a new window in OneDrive.

They feature the listed part at full volume, and a couple of the other parts at half volume. Soprano 1
Soprano 2
Alto: (Remember at the top of 17 at the key change, and on the last note, you are singing G# instead.)
When Jesus Wept:
When Jesus Wept (all parts)
Lamb of God:
Lamb of God – Soprano
Lamb of God – Alto
Lamb of God – Tenor
Lamb of God – Bass

Blue Skies:

Blue Skies – Soprano  (This starts at the top of page 6, we have melody until then.)

Blue Skies – Alto

Blue Skies – Tenor

Blue Skies – Bass (Karl apologizes for page turn errors)