For Chris

“Dear RC Friends.  This playlist contains several videos which I believe will help your independent learning of my set of pieces.  As you understand, the time constraints that we have this concert series require some extra time on your part.  This doesn’t mean singing through every song with every video every day.  This may mean speaking through the foreign language texts once a day.  This may mean sitting down with your part and listening to your part being played on a video.  As little as 10 minutes a day can make a big difference in what we put together.  I would say that getting ahead on the language pronunciations would be the biggest benefit to mastery. ”  ~Chris

Article: 10 Ideas for the singer who doesn’t feel they can practice on their own.

Ubi Caritas, full choir:

(If you click through to YouTube, there’s interesting information about the workshop the composer did with this choir before they recorded this.)

Pronunciation for Ubi Caritas:

Soprano 1 part:

Soprano 2:

Alto (yeah, it says Sop 2, but it’s Alto):



Song of Triumph

All Through the Night:

Great Gittin’ Up Mornin’:  (This should autostart at 5:26)